Cost Savings Solutions on Heating and Cooling Energy Usage

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A lot of times, there are rooms in your house that are always warmer or colder than others are. There can be many explanations for this. For one, heat rises, so rooms on second or third floors are often too warm. These are just a few reasons, but regardless of why a room's temperature is uncomfortable, there's only one surefire way to even out your house's temperature: system zoning.











Zoning Systems provide total control of your indoor temperature and only runs your air conditioner and heater in the areas that need it. Not only does this provide independent comfort but also is an effective way to manage your energy consumption.











                 System zoning involves multiple thermostats that are wired or wirelessly connected to a control panel, which operates dampers within the ductwork of your forced-air system. The thermostats constantly read the temperature of their specific zone, then open or close the dampers according to the thermostat's settings. System zoning is helpful for houses with inconsistent room temperatures, and is also great for heating or cooling individual bedrooms based on the desired temperature setting. 

If used properly, system zoning can help you save money on your energy bills. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, system zoning can save homeowners up to 30 percent on a typical heating and cooling bill.